Dr Kelly Bridges took care of me after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage. I was in the hospital 13 days and in ICU for 10 days and she was there often looking after me, several days more than once. She genuinely cares for her patients and is very serious about her job. Authenticity emanates from her. My family absolutely loves her for the care she provided. She explains things very well and loves what she does, and it more than shows. We would give her more than 5 stars if we could and would recommend her to anyone needing a neurosurgeon. She goes well above and beyond. Look no further. You won't find a better doctor!! You won't find one as good or better. She is A+++.

Steve & Susan

I am a Disabled Veteran. After years of being blown off by the VA, I got an appointment with Dr Bridges. Amazing, from the first visit I found her to be caring, thorough and professional, always taking time to explain every aspect of my treatment plan. I had a cervical vertebrae putting pressure on my spinal cord, causing me to have a lot of pain and problems walking, and weakness and numbness in my arms and hands. We did my surgery on August 7. As soon as I woke up I noticed about 80-90% of the numbness and strength was back and has gotten continually better each week since. Her bedside manner always made me feel comfortable and that she truly cared about me. Follow up has been great, her assistant Mo is always great and so helpful. I have never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting or patient room......best of all..no pain. Thank you so much Dr Bridges.

Patrick Spencer

Dr. Bridges is a lifesaver. Literally (mine). I was lucky enough ?to have a stroke while she was the on call neurosurgeon. And if it wasn't for her quick decision-making and convincing ofmy husband I may not be typing this now. She has a sweet and kind bedside manner and always treats me with respect and caring. Yes, there are sometimes waits st her office but a) when I'm on time I RARELY have to wait )and I have two ppl in tow for every visit,plus driving from Middleton. . So I know others have it easier than I do!and I'm sure others have it harder too. B) also I'm ok with waiting for the right physician in the valley, especially one who is working on or in my brain. Everybody needs neurosurgeons for different reasons, so far be it from me to assume anything, but I give Kelly Bridges a high vote of confidence and recommendation and am pretty sure you'd be hard pressed to find a police officer in the valley who wouldn't pick her if something happened to them. :D


The superlative "outstanding" is overused in our society, but it applies to Dr. Bridges. Every step and phase of the process leading to my surgery, the surgery, and all follow-on visits were and are being conducted with the upmost professionalism, friendly manner, and thoroughness that I could want and expect. She explained in detail the risks involved with my surgery and what I could reasonably expect after the surgery, and it has unfolded exactly as Dr. Bridges explained. Moreover, and it seems unbelievable to everyone I tell, I have not experienced ANY pain. No pain immediately after the procedure or at any moment since. The surgery took place on July 11, 2019. I attribute my successful result to Dr. Bridges' medical knowledge and surgical skill. Garrett Randel, September 4, 2019

Garrett Randel

Dr Bridges is amazing. So thankful we waited and found her to do my husbands back surgery. He is now pain free. You hear horror stories about people having back surgery and wake up with more pain. Dr Bridges is very knowledgeable and is straight forward with how she will do the procedure. If she doesn't know the answer she will find out and get back to you. I have been recommending Dr Bridges to anyone I come in contact with that needs to have a neurosurgeon.

My husband is a disabled veteran who was referred to Dr. Bridges for neurological problems. Dr. Bridges has been the only one to take the time to listen to the many symptoms with empathy my husband experiences and ordered the appropriate testing. She is not like other neurological surgeons that he has seen that dismisses him because there is not a definitive pinpointed problem to fix, saying there is nothing they can do, or that he does not need surgery; which has been his experience for many years with VA doctors. Dr. Bridges along with her assistant Mo, have truly been a Godsend to my husband and I. Their professionalism and attention to detail is what every medical professional and assistant should strive to emulate.

Carlos P

Dr. Bridges was outstanding in all of my interactions with her. My wife had surgery with her before I did. I knew after that she would be doing my surgery.


Very impressed with entire staff and Dr. Bridges is so thorough and very up front with options.


Dr. Bridges operated on my Dad in 2019. He was in severe pain and had a pain pump already from past lumbar issues. Dr. Bridges not only agreed to find a solution to help with my Dad's severe 2 level stenosis, but she also agreed to operate around his existing pain pump catheter and be as conservative as possible to assist in fixing my Dad's lumbar stenosis. She was so easy to approach and took her time in our appointments to answer any questions, fears or insecurities. She took the time to explain the why. My Dad's pain is reduced to minimal discomfort which is amazing after living with his diagnosis for so long and scared to go under the knife. He was living daily at a 10/10 in pain. This Doctor is amazing and I am so appreciative of her patience and innovative technique to work on a patient others MD's we're scared to touch. She gave my Dad hope and renewed our confidence in Neurosurgeons. Highly recommend.


Dr Bridges is the most through doctor I've ever had. From the office staff, visits, pre-OP, surgery, and post-OP . I have nothing but praise for her and her staff.


Dr Bridges is amazing. She always took the time to really listen and explain things to me. I never felt rushed or pressured. Dr Bridges is very thorough and detailed oriented. She operated on my neck with outstanding results. She is highly respected by her peers and those that are fortunate enough to work with her. Everyone I have come in contact with that knows her have nothing but deep admiration and respect for her. I feel very lucky to have had Dr Bridges as my neurosurgeon. Because Dr Bridges has very demanding schedule, she has a medical assistant named Mo that is a rock star herself. She coordinates and schedules everything and keeps the ship afloat. Thank Dr Bridges and Mo for a great outcome!

Greg Harris

Dr. Bridges is a highly skilled surgeon with great attention to detail and an outstanding bedside manner. I first met Dr. Bridges after entering the hospital through the ER after a bike accident. She reviewed my imaging thoroughly, explained the injury and treatment options in detail and explained the risks. She was very patient and willing to answer all my questions than allowed time for me to think and consult others before proceeding with surgery. Procedure was successful and during follow up office visits, Dr. Bridges allowed all the time in the world to go over my imaging with me and explain what I needed to do to allow things to heal. Only complaint is that the incision was so precise and the closing stitches were so perfect that I have virtually no scar. No one will believe that I broke my neck!

Mark Petersen