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Dr. Bridges looks forward to assisting you as it relates to your brain and spine concerns. Please use the form below to email us. You can also call us at 208-327-5600.

Do not use this for urgent and emergent inquiries.

What You Need to Know

Please call (208) 327-5600 to make an appointment with Dr. Bridges. If you are cannot keep your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible so we may see another patient in need of care.

We make a sincere effort to adhere to our appointment schedule, and we appreciate your patience if we are late due to unanticipated patient needs and emergencies.

If you are a new patient coming for your first visit, please complete the necessary patient intake forms that are applicable to your situation.

Insurance Information

We accept most major insurance plans.

Fees & Payments

We make every effort to decrease the cost of your medical care. Therefore, we request payment arrangements for all office services at the time they are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard for your convenience. We will submit your claim to the insurer who is primarily responsible for payment. However, payment is the patient's responsibility. We will help in any way we can to assist you in handling claims. For more information, please see our Financial Policy Information.

Prescriptions & Renewals

Please request all prescriptions and authorizations for renewals during regular office hours when our full records are available. Renewals requested at other times will be filled only for extreme or emergent circumstances. Please allow three business days to process your refill. For more information, please see our Medication Refill Policy.

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